Ross is Back Home!

After his three-day stint in Orange Coast Medical Center in early November (where he was treated with a kidney infection), Ross is back at home in Fountain Valley. Though he is currently struggling with a pressure sore on his backside, Ross is slowly but surely regaining his strength. Thanks to his in-home nurse, Mary, Ross undergoes a couple hours of physical therapy each day.

Ross had his initial consult with a surgeon at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach – where he will begin outpatient physical therapy in a couple weeks – and we were all a little put out by the doctor’s negative attitude. Ross was understandably grumpy after the visit, but says that he will channel that frustration into healing himself.

We are all very excited about his upcoming evaluation week at Project Walk. It begins November 30 and goes five days straight. Ross will have three hours of intense therapy every day, and the therapists will use that week to determine what regular exercises will work best for him, from that point on.

I visited Project Walk several weeks ago and was blown away by the tour I took. The energy in the facility is amazing, and the number of therapists and all the specialized machines was truly awe-inspiring. There is a 1:1 therapist to trainee ratio, which is bad ass. One of the things that bothered Ross the most during his stay at St. Jude’s in Fullerton, was that he had a different therapist every day.

For now, it looks like Ross’ eldest daughter Nikki and I will take turns driving Ross to Project Walk during the initial evaluation week. I plan to snap some photos and maybe even shoot some video while Ross is training, so stay tuned! I bought him some workout shorts and sweats in preparation for his sessions…maybe I should get him a sweet sweatband, too?

As I write this, I am on the plane home from Florida, where I spent some time with Supercross Champion James Stewart. Bubba worked with Ross last year and he was genuinely concerned about Rossi’s well-being. It’s so cool to see how many of the riders that Ross has worked with through the years, consider him to be a good friend.

James Stewart

James Stewart shows off his Rossi t-shirt.

That’s all for now

– Donn


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