Ross here!!  I just got home from the ROSSI PROJECT RIDE DAY at Perris Raceway, and I was AMAZED at the turnout!!  It was really moving for me to see all the people that turned up for the event, and I had a great time visiting with all my friends.  Thank you all very much for coming out, and I want to especially thank my brother Donny for all his hard work putting it together.  Also thank you to my family and friends that all worked hard today!!  I’ll work hard on my end to deserve all the hard work everyone has put in.




  1. I know all your friends and family are very proud of you on how hard you have been working on getting better….

  2. I know all of your friends and family are very proud of how hard you have been working at getting better…..

  3. I think you are getting back what you gave to others people for all your life! Think only about your recover!Ciao Claudio

  4. I just saw the photos at vitalmx, awesome turnout! There are obviously a ton of people that care about you and your recovery..Even more around the country and the world. Amazing stuff Donn and everyone that helped put it together…

  5. Patrick 'Flyin' Flynn Says:

    Even the Rain Gods supported the event by holding this major storm off until today!

  6. "Rescue X" Says:

    Hey Rossi, My name is Frank, I was at perris raceway with “Rescue X” Sunday. We are all praying for you and your family. You have alot of friends that care in the motocross community. Such a Blessing!!! Hang Tuff.

  7. Doug Lovell Says:

    I think Sunday’s ride set a new “worlds record” for the most friends gathered in one place at one time for the same reason. It was great to see you.

  8. Rossi

    YOU are simply AWSOME!
    After all the giving that you have done thru your life,It comes back in ways you never would expect. After sitting and talking with you I can’t wait for the day we walk and talk together. It’s in our near future.There’s a lot of work to be done and if there’s a man that WILL get the job DONE it’s YOU!


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