Two Weeks Down, ?? To Go…

Ross now has two great weeks at Project Walk under his belt. It’s been a lot of hard work (and a lot of driving!), but we all feel great about Rossi’s progress at PW. With almost a week to reflect on the amazing turnout that we had at the Rossi Project Ride Day, we still can’t believe how many old and new friends showed up to say hello and support Ross. Again, thank you to everyone who supported the day in any way – big or small.

This week at Project Walk, Ross’ trainer Kim discovered that he can sense vibration throughout his upper right leg. What started as a small patch of feeling behind his right knee has grown markedly, and we know that similar feeling in his left leg is bound to follow soon enough.

The pressure sore that has haunted Ross since his original stay in Riverside Community Medical Center is finally showing signs of healing, and within two short weeks, he will likely be allowed to remove the restrictive cage brace that he has been required to wear on his torso when he’s up out of bed. Once Ross is free of his “cage,” he will be allowed to try some more intense therapy techniques at Project Walk, and for this we are all excited.

Ross has also been undergoing regular sessions in the Whitaker Wellness Institute’s hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The chambers simulate the compressed oxygen that one encounters when going deep beneath the sea. I’m no doctor, but in layman’s terms, this forced your bloodstream to absorb more pure oxygen, and this in turn promotes healing. Ross is a firm believer in this treatment, and says that his legs tingle like crazy when he finishes each session. Furthermore, he always feels refreshed and rejuvinated after a visit to Whitaker. Please click on the Whitaker banner on our home page to learn more.

For now, it’s a brief, but relaxing weekend at home for Ross. Save for a hyperbaric session at Whitaker on Saturday morning, it’s a weekend full of indy movies on his television. Be sure to drop Rossi a line by clicking on the GUEST BOOK link on the home page.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

– Donn


2 Responses to “Two Weeks Down, ?? To Go…”

  1. Donn,
    Just wanted to check and see if you recieved the gear I sent out for Ross’s ride day. I hope he is doing well. Talk to you soon.

    Dan Fitch
    Moose Racing

  2. Doug Lovell Says:

    Love to see the progress reports. Keep strong and try hard!
    God bless.

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