Team Swollen

On Monday of this week, Ross woke up to find that his left leg was swollen. Couple that with his nagging pressure sore that won’t seem to heal, and he decided to lay low this week and forgo his therapy sessions at Project Walk. The crew at Project Walk was very understanding and allowed him to postpone his sessions, but even more touching was the concern they expressed for Ross on the phone…
Ross went to the hospital and had an ultrasound done on his leg to see if there was a blood clot causing the swelling. Apparently, blood clots are something that paraplegics struggle with, due to decreased circulation. Thankfully, there was no blood clot found.
Yesterday and today (Wednesday), Ross underwent a few more tests to make sure that something was not wrong. No ligament or tendon damage, and no broken bones were found, thank goodness. Ross’ doctor suspects that the swelling (which is getting better) was determined by over-working his leg muscles in his therapy sessions, and advised Ross to take a few days off. That said, Ross will take the rest of the week off from Project Walk, but hopes to start again on Monday.

On a positive note, Ross has regained some feeling in his inner right thigh! Coupled with the feeling he has behind his right knee, and the fact that he can sense vibration throughout his upper right leg, I’d say that things are LOOKING UP! Before we know it, Ross will be busting out his old hackey sack from the 80s…

Molly returned to Fountain Valley this evening and will be home until mid-January, and we are all glad to have her home. The rest of Rossi’s week will likely be filled with lots of those bizarre movies that he and Molly like so much…
Be sure to drop Ross a line, whether it’s on his guest book, or via E-mail!
– Donn


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