Yesterday, I went back to PROJECT WALK after a week away. I was really tight, and had to be streched out, but it felt good. We did some different exercises and also some new therapy machines. I felt pressure on the bottoms of my feet, and also some vibration in my shins, which I’ve never felt before. When I got home I was pretty sore, but this morning, I woke up and the swelling in my leg has definitely gone down!



  1. John Elton Says:

    That’s awesome news Ross! Keep up the fight,stay with it! The guys down at the shop are doing a great job,Will just did the suspension on my new bike and its perfect! I read the updates here daily…thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. John Severin Says:

    Hi Ross, I came by on Tuesday to say hello and catch up on things. IM good , Shop is busy and the lathe is far too clean : )
    Have a great christmas with the family as well as your extended family. We miss you bro. Keep up the great work and hope. We will always be behind you 100%
    HAppy christmas and New years my friend.

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