Project Walk

Last week, Rossi made it back to Project Walk and it was great to see him working out again. Because PW is only a mile or two from my new office in Carlsbad, I dropped in on his workout session and snapped a few pics…

The trainers found that since he took the previous week off, Rossi’s leg muscles were very tight. He had an extensive stretching session before getting to work.

This trainer’s name is Satchi, and here, he is helping Ross do assisted squats on the Total Gym. He said that he can feeel the muscles in Ross’ legs firing when he pushes up!

Here, Satchi and Rodney have Ross’ feet strapped into a stationary bicycle. Together, they manually move Ross’ legs in a pedaling motion. Ross and I were both kind of thinking, “Pfft…what good does this do?” But when they pedaled backwards, Ross’ legs moved in a real notchy manner. Satchi said that this was because his hip flexors were firing! Sweet!

This coming week, Ross only has one session at Project Walk. Due to the holidays, they have a very limited schedule. Nonetheless, it is great to see him back at work and trying hard. Go Rossi!


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