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Team Rossi at Daytona International Speedway

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Ross’ friend Ernie Becker sent us these pics and a quick note from Daytona, where is is racing in the Rolex 24 Hour.

“I’m racing this weekend at the Rolex 24 at Daytona in the Continental Sports Car Challenge race (its like the 250f class in Grand-Am).  I already had a person come up who was a moto fan and comment on the sticker!” – Ernie

Good luck, Eno!


Busy Day!

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Today, I went to the podiatrist at the hospital to get my toenails trimmed! Since I am a diabetic and also suffered the spinal cord injury, my insurance has started providing me with a podiatrist to take care of my feet. I went there for the first time today with Nikki. After that I went to the Goodwill Fitness Center to work out with weights, then I went to The Circle of Health for IMT therapy. I just got home, and I am tired! Something interesting happened today when I was getting my toenails trimmed: after the doctor clipped my nails, an assistant came in and filed them down with a small power tool. I was surprised because although the bit looked like a cylinder porting tool, it did not harm the skin, only ground the nail. When he started grinding on the nail on the second toe of my left foot, I felt the vibration! I didn’t feel anything on any other toe, so I asked him to do it again, and I definitely had feeling! So, although it is weird, it is a new development!

Four Months and Counting

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This past Sunday, a few of us gathered for dinner at Ross’ house. Our friend Toshi Yasukawa from RS Taichi is in California on business and vacation with his family, and he stopped by to see Rossi. Kurt Rood and his family were also there, and it was great to see everyone. Toshi actually worked very closely with our dear, late friend Darin Motoda, when Darin ran RS Taichi USA. My girls and I are lucky enough to visit Toshi every year when we head to Japan for the first round of the All Japan National MX Series.

Ross and Toshi Yasukawa, who is modeling the latest enzo winterwear...

Ross and Kurt Rood. When he was little, Kurt used to ride with Ross almost every weekend. Now, he is a big wig at Team Monster Energy Kawasaki!

Man, how time flies. I remember carrying Ross' eldest daughter Nikki (far left) when she was a baby. I didn't carry Molly (next to Nikki) as much, because she was so little that I was afraid I'd break her. My kids Megan (the ham up front) and Samantha (far right) are absolutely crazy about their cousins!

 Today marks four months and one day since Ross’ crash. It seems like much longer than that to me, but I am sure that it feels like an eternity to Ross. Still, in the grand scheme of things, very little time has passed since his injury and he made a ton of progress towards recovery. I firmly believe that Ross will work through this, and I look forward to the day that he takes his first steps on his own.

For now – as Ross wrote last week – he is struggling with a pressure sore on his lower back. Having spoken to everyone I know with any SCI experience, it is very apparent that pressure sores are something not to be taken lightly. Ross’ sore was showing signs of healing, but it flared up recently and this has forced him to scale back on his therapy sessions, and activity in general. In order to let the wound heal, Ross has to spend as much time on his side or on his stomach as possible. Simply put, sitting on the wound makes it worse. Once it’s healed, a whole new world of workouts at Project Walk will open up to Ross. Because he’s had the sore since he was in the hospital, he’s not been able to try the really aggressive therapies at Project Walk, and I can’t wait to see what they can do for him when that time comes. First things first, however…let’s get that dang sore healed up, Rossi!

On another note, One Industries and David Bailey held a special fundraiser called Riders F1rst last week. It was held at the Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch. One Industries made 300 sets of David Bailey-influenced riding gear and will donate all of the proceeds to Bailey’s foundation. You can learn more about it by clicking HERE, but the point I am really trying to make is that at the event, I was really excited to run into Bryan Goodwin and his family. Bryan is also a client at Project Walk, and I was introduced to his family through my good friend Mike Young. The Goodwins donated a brand new shower bench to Ross when he first came home, and they were instrumental not only in getting Ross enrolled at Project Walk, but in helping him get his scholarship grant from the Be Perfect Foundation. Since Ross’ injury, we’ve met some pretty inspiring and amazing people, and the Goodwin family is at the top of that list.

The Goodwin family.


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Hello everyone, Ross here! Today, Monday the 18th, was super wet! It looks like it will rain all week, so I wonder how they will build the Anahiem II track. I’m sure that all the practice SX tracks will be ruined for some time, so no practice or testing will be done. I went to Project Walk today, in the pouring rain, and I got soaked just going from the van to the gym. Last week, I went to Project Walk twice, my outpatient physical therapy twice, and the Goodwill Training center twice, and this morning, my wound care nurse came to check on the progress of my lingering pressure sore. For the past few visits, she has told me that it has been getting better, but this morning she told me that it has gotten worse! Too much activity, she told me, and said to stop doing so much! So I will slow down a little and stop working so much and try to give it a chance to heal. My swollen leg has improved, and now this! I wish I could just be able to concentrate on recovery!

The Return to Action!

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Today was the Monster Energy Supercross series opener, held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. This is easily the busiest and most exciting race of the year. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked/excited/worried when Ross told me that he was planning on coming! Unless you’ve been to the first Supercross of the year, you don’t really understand how hectic and crowded it is…and I was worried about Rossi getting mobbed by people. As it turned out, I think Ross had a really great time seeing everyone at the track. I know that when I saw him talking with his sponsored riders, it gave me a great feeling. Seeing Ross back in his element, doing what he does best, made me believe even more that he is going to make a full recovery and be back to normal before we know it.
One of the bonuses of Rossi coming to Anaheim was that he brought Molly along! I recruited Molly to help me film some pre-race interviews for and she did a great job. Hey Mop…I think you’ve found your true calling!
Ross was snapping some shots today, so if we’re lucky perhaps he will post some of them with his own race report soon. Once I catch up on my sleep, I will post some more photos that I have of Ross at the track!
– Donny


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Hello everyone, Ross here! Today is Friday the 8th, day before Anahiem I. I went to PROJECT WALK on Thursday, and they put me on a weird vibrating stand called a POWER PLATE. They put my knees on it while I did balancing and abdomen exercises, and afterwards when they were picking me up to put me back in the wheelchair, they noticed that BOTH of my knees were sweating! I have also signed up for a new fitness center around the corner from enzo called OC GOODWILL FITNESS CENTER, which is a gym set up strictly for people doing rehab. It is really nice, with special exercise machines to be used by people in wheelchairs! I went to the first evaluation session today, and after the next one, I can do whatever I want there.

Project Walk Updates

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Hi everyone. Ross here! I went to Project Walk today, and worked with Wes, a guy I’d never worked with before. He was very patient and did alot of stretching and muscle activity testing with me on my back and stomach. He determined that my quad muscles (front of upper legs), glutes (in the butt), and other various muscles are actually working, even if it is a small amount. He isolated my ankle and said that it is moving under my power, rather than just wagging when I move the entire leg (as I’d suspected before). After Project Walk, I went to the accupuncture office in their building for my first treatment that Donny had arranged. They put needles in my back and HEAD!! They didn’t hurt, and I had to lay there for 20 minutes, which was very relaxing!