Project Walk Updates

Hi everyone. Ross here! I went to Project Walk today, and worked with Wes, a guy I’d never worked with before. He was very patient and did alot of stretching and muscle activity testing with me on my back and stomach. He determined that my quad muscles (front of upper legs), glutes (in the butt), and other various muscles are actually working, even if it is a small amount. He isolated my ankle and said that it is moving under my power, rather than just wagging when I move the entire leg (as I’d suspected before). After Project Walk, I went to the accupuncture office in their building for my first treatment that Donny had arranged. They put needles in my back and HEAD!! They didn’t hurt, and I had to lay there for 20 minutes, which was very relaxing!


3 Responses to “Project Walk Updates”

  1. Good news Ross keep up your hard work it’s paying off

  2. John Yamada Says:

    Kewl Deal, Boss Ross.
    Leave it on.
    -Johnny Yamada

  3. Patrick Flynn Says:

    Hi Ross,

    It’s great to hear about your progress; I hope to see you at A1 this weekend.


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