Hello everyone, Ross here! Today is Friday the 8th, day before Anahiem I. I went to PROJECT WALK on Thursday, and they put me on a weird vibrating stand called a POWER PLATE. They put my knees on it while I did balancing and abdomen exercises, and afterwards when they were picking me up to put me back in the wheelchair, they noticed that BOTH of my knees were sweating! I have also signed up for a new fitness center around the corner from enzo called OC GOODWILL FITNESS CENTER, which is a gym set up strictly for people doing rehab. It is really nice, with special exercise machines to be used by people in wheelchairs! I went to the first evaluation session today, and after the next one, I can do whatever I want there.


5 Responses to “DAY BEFORE A1”

  1. Eric (wormo) Sherman Says:

    AWESOME. I hope your progress continues!!

  2. Hi Ross, Happy New Year from me and my father, I hope to see you in Italy walking again.
    I am waiting you…….

  3. Great news Ross! Your hard work and perserverence will pay off.

  4. John Elton Says:

    Thats great news Ross! Hopefully these small improvements here and there will lift your spirits and make you more determined than ever!!!!!! Keep up the fight suspension guru!

  5. I saw your photo in Anaheim 1 pits!! Back in action with your Enzo Racing shirt!! So happy for it and for the news!

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