The Return to Action!

Today was the Monster Energy Supercross series opener, held at Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. This is easily the busiest and most exciting race of the year. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked/excited/worried when Ross told me that he was planning on coming! Unless you’ve been to the first Supercross of the year, you don’t really understand how hectic and crowded it is…and I was worried about Rossi getting mobbed by people. As it turned out, I think Ross had a really great time seeing everyone at the track. I know that when I saw him talking with his sponsored riders, it gave me a great feeling. Seeing Ross back in his element, doing what he does best, made me believe even more that he is going to make a full recovery and be back to normal before we know it.
One of the bonuses of Rossi coming to Anaheim was that he brought Molly along! I recruited Molly to help me film some pre-race interviews for and she did a great job. Hey Mop…I think you’ve found your true calling!
Ross was snapping some shots today, so if we’re lucky perhaps he will post some of them with his own race report soon. Once I catch up on my sleep, I will post some more photos that I have of Ross at the track!
– Donny


One Response to “The Return to Action!”

  1. John Elton Says:

    Hey Ross,

    Good to see a big smile on your face,now wake up that brother of yours so we can see more pics of you enjoying the race!

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