Hello everyone, Ross here! Today, Monday the 18th, was super wet! It looks like it will rain all week, so I wonder how they will build the Anahiem II track. I’m sure that all the practice SX tracks will be ruined for some time, so no practice or testing will be done. I went to Project Walk today, in the pouring rain, and I got soaked just going from the van to the gym. Last week, I went to Project Walk twice, my outpatient physical therapy twice, and the Goodwill Training center twice, and this morning, my wound care nurse came to check on the progress of my lingering pressure sore. For the past few visits, she has told me that it has been getting better, but this morning she told me that it has gotten worse! Too much activity, she told me, and said to stop doing so much! So I will slow down a little and stop working so much and try to give it a chance to heal. My swollen leg has improved, and now this! I wish I could just be able to concentrate on recovery!


9 Responses to “RAINY DAY!”

  1. Ross,

    I am pulling for you. Let me know if I can help.


  2. Hi Rossi,

    Hang in there. Do not be discouraged.
    I’m still praying for you….a lot!


  3. Bed sores are rough. Just stay positive and think of the time off as recovery time. That way, when you get back at it you will be able to go harder and get more improvement.

  4. Hang in there Buddy you can do it

  5. John Severin Says:

    *Keep the drive alive*
    Sucks when you cant work out as hard as you want. Always pullin for ya.

  6. ernie becker Says:

    Keep it pinned… were pulling for you. Hope to see you at A2.

  7. Patrick Flynn Says:

    Hi Ross,

    Hang in there… I was hoping to see you at A1 but didn’t get there in time to walk thru the pits. I will have to miss A2 because of business travel; hopefully I’ll see you at A3.

    All the best…

  8. Sharon hyde Says:

    Hey Ross,

    oh my is all I am thinking right now. I just got a Facebook message from Tina asking if it was me that posted on your guestbook. I had no idea you were injured. With Natalie’s activities I feel like I don’t have much of my own life. I would love to hear from you. Thinking of you and your family. I’m sure your girls are all grown since its been so long. sharon

  9. John Elton Says:

    Hey Ross,

    Don’t get discouraged over these things,your body is still adjusting.Follow what the Doc’s say and hit it hard when you can again.You know the saying,”Sometimes you gotta go slow to go fast!”

    A2 is going to be a mess! Who ya got your money on to win?

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