Busy Day!

Today, I went to the podiatrist at the hospital to get my toenails trimmed! Since I am a diabetic and also suffered the spinal cord injury, my insurance has started providing me with a podiatrist to take care of my feet. I went there for the first time today with Nikki. After that I went to the Goodwill Fitness Center to work out with weights, then I went to The Circle of Health for IMT therapy. I just got home, and I am tired! Something interesting happened today when I was getting my toenails trimmed: after the doctor clipped my nails, an assistant came in and filed them down with a small power tool. I was surprised because although the bit looked like a cylinder porting tool, it did not harm the skin, only ground the nail. When he started grinding on the nail on the second toe of my left foot, I felt the vibration! I didn’t feel anything on any other toe, so I asked him to do it again, and I definitely had feeling! So, although it is weird, it is a new development!


4 Responses to “Busy Day!”

  1. When they were grinding on your toenails, did sparks fly out, like when dad used to grind metal in the garage?

    • Jon Maeda Says:

      A case of “like father, like son”…I have to wear industrial strength goggles when I trim mine. I hope the podiatrist wore goggles or a Chinese Lady’s face shield.

  2. Looks like all Maedas are good storytellers!

  3. Well that’s good news something goin on down there

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