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Live From Carlsbad…Rossi TV!

Posted in News on February 6, 2010 by swap48

It seems like forever since I’ve been able to take Ross to Project Walk for his workouts, but last Thursday, I got to pick him up and go with him to his workout in Carlsbad. I bought a new video camera for myself for Christmas, so I decided to bust it out and film Rossi working out before I ruin it while shooting dirty motocross bikes! The video is about 10 minutes long, but I thought plenty of you would like to see what my big brother’s workouts entail. There’s even an “interview” with Rossi and his trainer at the end, so take a seat and enjoy the first episode of Rossi Project TV!
– Donny


Goodwill Fitness Center

Posted in News on February 5, 2010 by rossi8

A while ago, one of the therapists at Project Walk told me about a special gym in Orange County called the Goodwill Therapy Center that was set up for handicapped people. I looked it up on the internet and found that it was a really nice, modern facility with all kinds of exercise equipment. But the biggest surprise was that it was literally around the corner from ENZO RACING! I went and signed up, got evaluated and now I can go whenever I want 5 days a week. It only costs $20 per month as long as I come with someone who can help me with the machines if I need help. I have been going 2-3 times per week and I’m getting my upper body back into shape!