Live From Carlsbad…Rossi TV!

It seems like forever since I’ve been able to take Ross to Project Walk for his workouts, but last Thursday, I got to pick him up and go with him to his workout in Carlsbad. I bought a new video camera for myself for Christmas, so I decided to bust it out and film Rossi working out before I ruin it while shooting dirty motocross bikes! The video is about 10 minutes long, but I thought plenty of you would like to see what my big brother’s workouts entail. There’s even an “interview” with Rossi and his trainer at the end, so take a seat and enjoy the first episode of Rossi Project TV!
– Donny


35 Responses to “Live From Carlsbad…Rossi TV!”

  1. Wow givem hell.looken good. Thanks for the vid!!!

    • Awesome news.
      Funny, not a day goes by that I’m not
      wondering, wondering how Ross is
      doing. It seems he’s always in my thoughts
      somewhere. Keep up the good effort!
      Dave O.

  2. joe hammer Says:

    way to go ross keep pushing youll get there!

  3. Scott Cram Says:

    great progress, keeping going! thanks for the update!

  4. Teri Goodwin Says:

    Ross you look great! So glad you are already seeing progress. Brian and I are there MWF in the A.M. Hopefully one day we’ll run into you at PW. I know Project Walk is the highlight of Brian’s week. He loves it there and the people are great. Keep working hard and Don, keep the videos coming!

  5. Been looking forward to an update! This is very inspirational and great to see his hardwork in recovery. Thanks for taking the time to show us. Hoping for the best,


  6. Your doing Awesome Ross keep on keepin on!

  7. Mark & Mary Ellen Says:



    Keep pushing, you will overcome this!

  8. Jeff Scott Says:

    Looking good Ross, looks like you’re getting better and better!!.. Keep up the good work!!


  9. David Potts Says:

    This is inspirational Ross!! Great to be able to follow your recovery!

  10. Mike McLellan Says:

    Happy to see the very positive progress… keep pushing!

    mike (aka Tokyo Tiddler)

  11. ernie espinoza Says:

    Right on Ross, keep pushin’ It will pay off!

  12. Looking good Ross, you’re making great progress!

    Come by for a visit over on the suspension forums on Thumper Talk, we would love to hear from you!

    Mog sends his best.

  13. Eric (wormo) Sherman Says:

    So awesome! Keep it up Ross. You are amazing!

  14. Hi Ross,

    I am so thrilled. I thank God that you are making progress and are pushing forward!
    Baby steps make for GIANT ones.

    Thanks for the awesome video Donny.

    • Rick James Says:

      Ross, keep up the hard work, looks like it’s paying off. I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress……..


  15. Victor Padilla Says:

    Ross, man you are an inspiration! I wish you continued success in your recovery. Thanks for that Donn.

  16. Kobi Iseri Says:

    Keep up the hard work Rossi. You’re an inspiration to many!

  17. Pat Lopez Says:

    Yeah Ross!
    Keep up the charge and definitely good to see you moving forward.

  18. Ross,

    Keep up the great work, it is paying off.

    Tony Miller

  19. Bryan Friday Says:

    That is so awesome! Thanks Donn. And Ross,keep on keepin’ on man! Very inspirational!

  20. Wow! that was really good to see. Thankyou Ross for sharing your journey with all of us. Keep fighting and smiling. THANKYOU!

  21. Ron & Paul Yonehara Says:

    Thank you Donn for posting the vid on the forward progress brother Ross is making. The “Never give up” attitude is truly a Maeda family trait. “Try Hard!” Ross, we’re all pulling for you!

    The Yonehara family

  22. Steve Emter Says:

    Way to push it Ross! Great to hear you are making progress!

  23. Michelle Marshall Says:

    Great to see the progress you are making Ross!!!! With the support you have YOU WILL BE WALKING AGAIN!!!!!!

  24. Ross, looking good man, keep it up, pulling for ya. Bring back the flat hat! O.G. oriental gangster

  25. Very good Ross!

  26. Great News Thanks for the video Donn Keep up the hard work Ross you will be back Love ya man Buc

  27. Yeaaaa……….great video donn and ross…..i like the rossi-tv….i can see your face when the porting tool to trim the toes …….whoa……..

  28. Tom Watanabe Says:

    Sorry I am slow in posting a comment. Holy crap, great video! That sequence where Ross is able to lock his knee is amazing. Both my daughters and I have been following Ross’ progress so thanks Donn for posting this new video. Keep trying hard Ross. We love you!

  29. scott brown Says:

    Keep up the strong work Ross….

  30. Great to see your progress! Keep up the good work! Love ya!

  31. Ava Swartz Says:

    Keep up the good work Rossi!

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