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Hello all! Ross here. I have been going to physical therapy at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach for a while now, and the therapist, Kristen has been working on my flexibility and range of motion. She teaches me things to do on my stretching table, and last week, she showed me an exercise to practice. It involves a small, wooden table called a “powder table”, that goes between my legs asĀ  I lay on my side. When I’m on my side, the leg on top lays on the table on a towel to reduce friction. This position eliminates gravity for moving my leg up and down. I was surprised to find that I can move my leg up and down towards my chest slightly! At first thought I was doing it all with my abdomen muscles, but Kristen put her hands on my leg and could feel the muscles in my glutes and quads firing. This is encouraging for me, and I am going to look into having a powdertable made so that I can do this at home!


Rossi TV, Episode 2

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Today, Molly, Damon and I accompanied Ross to the Goodwill Fitness Center in Santa Ana, California, which is an excellent workout facility with machines adapted for use by those with an injury. Ross has been working out four times per week and has regained lots of his pre-crash upper-body strength. He looks great, as you will see in this episode of Rossi TV. Enjoy!
(For some reason, the video player on the site is acting up, and it may take a couple minutes to load the video. Sorry for the delay…)

enzo racing Hits The Big Time!

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Monster Energy TV visited enzo racing and its host for the week, Nate Adams, interviews Ross about all the inner workings of the empire known as enzo racing!

Check it out by clicking HERE.

Stretching table

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Here is the stretching table that Ichi Nakaya made for me. I use it everyday to stretch and exercise!

Plugging Away

Posted in News on March 2, 2010 by swap48

Hello everyone, and sorry for the lack of updates. Ross is doing well, and he is continuing to make some nice progress on his road to recovery. The best news that I have to report is that Ross’ nagging pressure sore is 99% healed, according to his wound nurse. A pressure sore is a very serious injury that can lead to very severe complications if not taken seriously. Ross has been working hard to stay off his sore as much as possible, and he has resumed hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, which help speed up the healing process. Now, if you are thinking that this hyperbaric oxygen chamber stuff is hocus pocus, let me tell you…it is AMAZING! Several weeks ago, I crashed and tore the quadricep muscle in my thigh. At 10 days out, I was still in bad pain and walking like a sleestack from Land of the Lost. I jumped in a HBO chamber at the same time as Ross, and when my session was over, I was able to not only bend my leg, but walk with only a slight limp! I’ve been back three more times since then, and I started riding again, six weeks earlier than the doctors said I could. Now, if HBO is working that well for me, I have to assume that it’s doing some great things for Ross that will equal huge gains soon enough.
Ross has been spending lots of time back at work at enzo, tinkering around and fabricating parts and such. I’ve been there a couple times with him and I don’t know how he can stand to wheel through the crowded aisles in the shop. If I were him, I’d crack the whip on “the boys” and get them to straighten up and widen the aisles! (If you are reading this Dave and Kaz, get to work! Or maybe that’s a job for Ross’ man friend Damon. haha)
Ross’ friend Ichiro Nakaya – a former enzo employee who is now a big wig at Yoshimura R&D – fabricated a super cool stretching table for Ross’ home. Similar to the tables at Project Walk, it allows Ross to lay on his side or stomach, as well as do some important muscle stretching exercises. Thanks, Ichi!
That’s about it for now. I’m planning on making a new video soon enough with Ross at the Whitaker Wellness Institute. Oh, before I forget…the Be Perfect Foundation that helped Ross get into Project Walk is having a fundraiser on May 8. Ross and I will be attending, and I am hoping that some of you will join us. If you add Ross’ name to your registration form, half of your $100 donation will go towards Ross’ Project Walk fees. I’ve been told that this is a really cool event and there are a ton of cool things to bid on in a huge silent auction (ahem…TransWorld Motocross and rossiproject swag…haha). If you are interested, find more information at I hope to see some of you there, and guarantee that you will meet some extraordinary people there. Since Ross’ injury, I’ve met some of the most amazing folks who have really gone out of their way to help him on his road to recovery.

Thanks for reading.

– Donn