Rossi TV, Episode 2

Today, Molly, Damon and I accompanied Ross to the Goodwill Fitness Center in Santa Ana, California, which is an excellent workout facility with machines adapted for use by those with an injury. Ross has been working out four times per week and has regained lots of his pre-crash upper-body strength. He looks great, as you will see in this episode of Rossi TV. Enjoy!
(For some reason, the video player on the site is acting up, and it may take a couple minutes to load the video. Sorry for the delay…)


9 Responses to “Rossi TV, Episode 2”

  1. Dan Fitch Says:

    I just finished watching the new video of Ross working out and i must say it is a real insperation. I know how difficult it must be to get motavated to just go in but as usaual Ross keeps pushing the envolope, even with his other obligations. Keep working and we’ll see you soon.

    Dan Fitch

  2. Glad to see your doing good Ross hope to see ya soon

  3. Very good….we wait for you in Italy!!

  4. Steve Emter Says:

    Great to see you pushing it! Keep working towards your goals!

  5. jason erler Says:

    Ross, you’re lookin good! Glad to see youe tremendous effort and will power, keep fighting!

  6. Ric Allen Says:

    Keep up the hard work Ross, looking great! We should all be inspired!

  7. Patrick Flynn Says:

    Hi Ross, It’s great to see a place like this is available to you. It’s inspiring to see the effort you’re putting into your recovery. I was going to say I’ll look forward to seeing you at Glen Helen, but I just heard about the National being cancelled… WTF! We need to get Saddleback re-opened! There’s no other National-level true-outdoor track in Southern California… I hope the race doesn’t end up on one of those man-made “jumpfests” built on a flat piece of land!



  8. John Elton Says:

    Great job Ross.Its good to see you’re still pushing hard towards your goals!

  9. JOhn Severin Says:

    This is true Ross all the time 24/7 hard working. Before injury, After the guy just powers on. Inspiring video Ross.

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