Hello all! Ross here. I have been going to physical therapy at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach for a while now, and the therapist, Kristen has been working on my flexibility and range of motion. She teaches me things to do on my stretching table, and last week, she showed me an exercise to practice. It involves a small, wooden table called a “powder table”, that goes between my legs as  I lay on my side. When I’m on my side, the leg on top lays on the table on a towel to reduce friction. This position eliminates gravity for moving my leg up and down. I was surprised to find that I can move my leg up and down towards my chest slightly! At first thought I was doing it all with my abdomen muscles, but Kristen put her hands on my leg and could feel the muscles in my glutes and quads firing. This is encouraging for me, and I am going to look into having a powdertable made so that I can do this at home!


4 Responses to “CURRENT UPDATES”

  1. Cool great news Ross keep up your hard work its’ payin off

  2. Way to go Ross. Keep it going!

  3. ernie becker Says:

    Ross… amazing news. Keep it pinned my friend. The hard work is paying off.

  4. John Elton Says:

    Thats so awesome to hear! Keep it going Ross.

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