Tonight, while I was doing my stretches and exercises on the stretching table, I decided to try and get up into the “hands and knees” position that PROJECT WALK therapists put me in. Usually they hold me up so that I won’t lose my balance and fall over. But tonight, I was able to push up and walk my hands back into this position and hold my balance all alone! I was able to support my weight and balance using my abs and hip flexors for the first time!


28 Responses to “HANDS AND KNEES”

  1. Great news Ross!
    Keep on trying hard.

  2. Jordan Powell Says:

    That’s awesome, Ross! Keep up the hard work!

  3. Teri Goodwin Says:

    Ross, You are making great progress! Hard work pays off as Brian’s football coach always said. Keep moving!

  4. That is soooooo great! When you showed me this picture last night, I had to walk away because my eyes watered up. haha! Keep at it big brother!

  5. Steve Emter Says:

    Every bit of progress helps!!! Your hard work and desire are an inspiration! Keep up the recovery!

  6. Wayne Ashby Says:

    That is awesome Ross. Way to be!

  7. Jeff Scott Says:

    News like this really makes my day!!!….
    Awesome to hear, Ross! Keep up the good work!!…

  8. Bryan Friday Says:

    Man Ross! That is great! So awesome to see such progress. And one step leads to the next. 🙂

  9. Awesome job Ross you the man keep at it

  10. Jon Lyles Says:

    Yeah Ross! Stay positive and keep up the good work!

  11. good job papa!!!!! love you and miss you!!!!

  12. Pat Lopez Says:

    Badass Ross…..Badass!
    It’s so cool to see you charging forward the way you have.
    Keep it up man!

  13. Jason Walker Says:

    Super good to hear Ross. All that work is paying off!!!!! You’re in my prayers

  14. John Elton Says:

    I just keep staring at the pic,its so awesome to see this and read about it! Im excited for ya Ross…keep up the hard work,don’t give up man!

  15. Patrick Flynn Says:

    Hi Ross, it’s great to see the progress you’re making! I suspect we’re going to see you doing push-ups next time!

  16. Bob Sullivan Says:

    Great news!! Wish you the best.
    You’re in my prayers. Keep on pushin……….

  17. Jim Myerson Says:

    Way to go Ross – – pictures look great! Nice to know fitness is starting to come back….

  18. ernie becker Says:

    This totally made my day… Great job and keep up the hard work my friend!

  19. John Yamada Says:

    Keep on plushing.

  20. Ross McWatterws Says:

    Awsome work keep chipping away!

  21. Ross, its been a while  since I’ve tried to contact you, and I just wanted to say Hi , and hope things are going well for you, the shop, and everthing in general. Looks like a lot of work – all the physical therapy, etc.  that you are doing now. I have been doing some “high intenesity circut-training” workouts for the past 6 months or so, and it’s really helped me a lot; but compared to what your doing it dosen’t seem like so very much after all !Hope I can finially see and talk to you sometime soon, like maybe at the Hangtown National or the GP at Glen Helen (I will be at both) if possible. Keep in touch, and wishing you well, BLT.

  22. P.S. Remember, if there is anything at all that I can do , get, make, test, or in anyway assist you with , don’t hesitate to call (same old number I always had) or just e-mail me anytime !

  23. Ross,

    Great news!!!!! Keep up the hard work…..it WILL pay off.

    I need to get to OC again to see you.

    Take care,


  24. JOhn Severin Says:

    SO Ross, I’m holding a pit board sign and it reads PIN IT! Great news Very encouraging. Drop by and lets get the table built. Also i changed the shop so the lathe is easy for you to get to now.

  25. Gui Lima Says:

    Woohooo Yes Ross..great new !!! keep going ….

  26. Scott Brown Says:

    Wow you are making some good progress….Keep up all the hard work Ross…..It looks like you have come along way since you were down in San Diego…..Keep it up…….

  27. RIGHT ON!!!

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