Last Saturday, Eileen and I attended a fundraiser for the Be Perfect Foundation. The event was held in LaVerne at a HUGE estate. Apparently, there were 900 people in attendance, and there was a silent auction as well as a regular one for all kinds of prizes to raise money for SCI support. It was a really nice event, and I had to get dressed up for the first time since my injury! I wore a suit and tie….with dirty OAKLEY tennis shoes. None of my FANCY PARTY SHOES would fit my swollen feet, so I had to run whatever fit….Donny and Jon both donated gifts for the auctions, a bunch of MX stuff and a weekend package (?) for the Rose Parade. It was a very impressive event!



  1. Ross,
    I was just googling to see how my all-time hero (that’s you, Ross) has been doing recently and was just shocked to hear about your accident.
    Does my dad (Tak) know about this? I will call him right away.
    Im just shocked and don’t know what to say.
    You taught me how to ride a skateboard back in the mid 70’s. and since then you had always been someone to look up to.,
    BTW, my dad now lives in that same old house you visited in the 70’s. My mom passed away last summer of some incureble illness.
    Sounds like you are still with Eileen and thats pretty nice to hear.
    Anyways, I will keep in touch.

  2. I would be interested in doing a fundraiser—percentage of sales for a specified time period, specified product, etc.

    Please contact me if interested.


    Tim Newman
    Zig Zag Powersports

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