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Let’s See Your Rossi Tees!

Posted in News with tags on June 20, 2010 by swap48

My friend Pat Foster sent me this photo today with the message, “All the best to your big brother!” We set up shop at the Mammoth Mountain MX this weekend and sold a few shirts, but I wanted to come home for Father’s Day, so the rest of my crew will man the booth at the races for the rest of the week.
A few months ago, I asked for pictures of Ross’ supporters wearing their Rossi tee shirts, but so far…I’ve only gotten two! What the heck? We’ve sold a ton of shirts, so I know they’re out there! 🙂
It doesn’t matter if it’s a cell phone pic…please send them, as I want to build a gallery on this web site. Include a caption or message, if you’d like. Send images to me at


In the Standing Frame…

Posted in News on June 3, 2010 by rossi8

I’m working on my computer in the standing frame this morning, before going to PROJECT WALK. I’ve been going to the Goodwill Gym 4 days a week, Project Walk once a week and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy once a week. Last week I got some more feeling in my inner thighs, it’s kind of uncomfortable, but I don’t care. Also, working on the stretching table I found that I can move my upper leg up towards my chest quite a bit. I’m not sure if these developments are because of more strength from exercise or actual muscle control recovery, but it’s encouraging after a few months of nothing noticeable happening.