In the Standing Frame…

I’m working on my computer in the standing frame this morning, before going to PROJECT WALK. I’ve been going to the Goodwill Gym 4 days a week, Project Walk once a week and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy once a week. Last week I got some more feeling in my inner thighs, it’s kind of uncomfortable, but I don’t care. Also, working on the stretching table I found that I can move my upper leg up towards my chest quite a bit. I’m not sure if these developments are because of more strength from exercise or actual muscle control recovery, but it’s encouraging after a few months of nothing noticeable happening.


9 Responses to “In the Standing Frame…”

  1. Hey Ross, Good to hear hope to see ya soon Buc

  2. Patrick 'Flyin' Flynn Says:

    Hi Ross, it’s great to hear about your progress. Obviously, I’m hoping your recovery continues on this pace. By the way, I have been re-connecting with some of the old MX riders from La Mirada on Facebook that you may remember; Biyo Witte and Jim Culwell. Jim may be bringing his suspension in for some work.

    See you later,


  3. ernie becker Says:

    Ross – great to hear about your progress. Keep up the hard work, it’s paying off.

  4. Jim Myerson Says:

    Way to go Ross!

  5. Dino523 Says:

    Hi Ross! It’s great to hear your progress! Keep up the hard work! My thoughts and prayers for you and your recovery! Hope Eli Tomac wins more motos. He’s fast! Take care, Dino

  6. Gui Lima Says:

    Hi Ross…good to know that you are feeling better ….keepgoing man….
    Take care …
    Gui Lima – Brazil

  7. Dean Baker Says:

    Hi Ross….that sounds like great news… keep on trying hard!

  8. Nora Welsh Says:

    Hi Ross – This is a great pic of you! So good hearing about your progress – you are a rock star! Keep up the good work! Miss all of the Maedas – will see you in Aug.

  9. Cheryl (mx_deja) Says:

    keep it up!!! sounds like your making great progress!!!~cheryl

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