Meeting my IDOL: Roger DeCoster

When i was young, my first MX idol was Roger DeCoster from Belgium. I had gotten his autograph when I was 14 years old at Saddleback Park, a Trans Am event that he was racing after the GP season had ended. When I started to work for KYB, I got the opportunity to work with him and that was a dream come true! I went to Europe for the first time in 1980, and Roger invited me to his home and I did work on some KYB factory shocks he had brought to Europe. Over the years, Roger and I became friends and it is something that I would never have believed when I was a kid….


2 Responses to “Meeting my IDOL: Roger DeCoster”

  1. Jim Myerson Says:

    Nice bellbottoms

  2. d.r. clement Says:

    great blog… even better hair!!!

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