One Year

Hi everyone! It’s Ross. Last Saturday the 25th was the one year anniversary since my accident. In a lot of ways it feels like a long time ago, but in others it feels pretty recent. I am doing alot better in terms of getting along on my own, and within the next month or so I will start driving a vehicle with hand controls. In the first few months, I regained alot of feeling and muscle control in my lower abs and hips, but then changes came alot slower. I still notice changes once in a while, so I have started writing things down so that I can remember what I felt like month to month. I’m pretty much in a regular schedule of going to the Goodwill Gym 4 days a week, and to PROJECT WALK once a week. I still go to Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy ocassionally, but I’ve started going into ENZO to work as much as I can. Once I start driving, I will be much less reliant on other people to get me around! I really have to thank all my family and friends that have helped me with this big change in my life! THANK YOU!



7 Responses to “One Year”

  1. Nikki Maeda Says:

    I love you dad!!

  2. John Elton Says:

    Keep up the hard work Ross,and thanks for the great service at Enzo!

  3. Jim Myerson Says:

    Way to go Ross, more improvements still to come though…… P.S. How ’bout posting some ore moto pics and stories……..

  4. Hi Rossi – You are such an inspiration in how you have dealt with this and how you keep moving forward. It was so good seeing you in Aug. and I hope to get out there again soon. Yours and Eileen’s friendship is such a wonderful part of my life! Hugs – Nora

  5. John Severin Says:

    Ross, Keep up the good hard work. I will see you at Starwest. Riding up with Christian.

  6. ernie becker Says:

    Ross – keep the positive and hard work going my friend. Your doing a great job.

  7. Matt Itamura Says:

    Ross, you inspire me so much I had to get your Tee shirts to show my support and spread the word. I wish you the best in rehab, and just know there are people behind you and along side of you as you make this journey back from your injury.

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