A Giant Step Towards Independence

Today, Ross got some new wheels! After he declared that he was ready to get back behind the wheel, we began a lengthy search for a vehicle. Ross decided that he didn’t want to have to transfer into a car, then disassemble his wheelchair and pull it over him and into the passenger seat, so that left us with only one option: a vehicle equipped with an automatic ramp. Now, call me too image conscious, but I couldn’t see my big brother driving around in a mini van, so we searched for cooler options. Finally, I came across http://www.aeromobility.com, which sells modified Honda Elements. The Element has suicide doors that are perfect, as the opening is nice and wide. The entire floor of the car is gutted out, lowered, and flattened out, so a chair may enter and maneuver easily inside. Well, instead of trying to explain in words how it works, check out this video instead! Ross seems really excited to gain some independence back – now he can get to the gym, Project Walk, and enzo racing when he pleases. Thank you to everyone who has helped us, help Ross. Words can’t explain how great I felt watching him check out his new “ride.”

– Donn

Also, a big THANK YOU to Dale at Aero Mobility, who has been a great help and a good friend.


13 Responses to “A Giant Step Towards Independence”

  1. teri goodwin Says:

    That is so cool! Congratulations Ross….glad the Element worked out. I love mine. It is roomy and drives nice! Now the fun begins! Looks like you are doing great!


  2. NICE!!!!

  3. Damn Donn- I shouldn’t have watched this video at work. I had to close my door as I watched since I admit I was tearing up seeing the joy in Ross’ face. Nice work dude.

  4. he is the man in the mini van!!!

  5. Patrick 'Flyin' Flynn Says:

    Hi Ross, this looks like a great way to go… another step forward!

    It was great to see you at your Ride Day at Starwest… I went to The Ranch to ride last weekend and saw Stu Peters… he asked how you were doing… we talked for about an hour about the early days of MX here in So Cal…

    See you later,


  6. Patrick 'Flyin' Flynn Says:

    Stu remembered how much you loved racing at Ascot!

  7. Cool deal Congrats Ross

  8. Jim Myerson Says:

    Awesome. How long ’till tricked out KYB shocks are installed….(?)

  9. John Elton Says:

    That’s gotta be a huge feeling of independence for you Ross.You can see the excitement on your face,It’s good to see you smiling! Enjoy your new wheels,way to go Donn!

  10. Congratulations Ross! So happy and excited for you.

  11. Steve D and Nora W Says:

    This is great news!!

  12. John Severin Says:

    Ross, its great to see how everything is progressing. It, was great to see you drive up to my shop this week and show me the new ride, “PERFECT” is all i could think about it. I’m stoked for you. On another note i grew up with you and watched you on Suzuki’s Yamaha’s’and Kawies, Now its Honda. Hey I’m glad your riding again : )

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