Hi everyone, Ross here! I’ve been driving for about two weeks now, and haven’t been arrested or caused any pileups on the freeway. Driving with the hand controls is pretty easy, but takes getting used to. I’ve been driving myself to the Goodwill Gym 4 days a week, then to enzo, but I still haven’t tried driving by myself to PROJECT WALK yet because it is such a far drive (and i like to sleep!). A couple of weeks ago, I was on one of the stationary bikes at PROJECT WALK, but it was not an FES type bike where there are electrical muscle stimulating pads to pedal the bike. This one just had a motor in it to turn the pedals more to move your legs than stimulate the muscles to pedal it. One of the salesmen for the bike company came in and was showing me some of it’s features. He showed me a button I could push that would turn off the motor to see how much of the work I could do on my own. I have never been able to do any pedaling on my own, but I tried to turn the motor off anyway to see if anything would happen. To my surprise, I was able to very slowly pedal the bike on my own! Certainly not Tour de France winning pace, but something! I felt like I was doing it all with my hip flexor muscles, but when I tried really hard, I felt my upper leg muscles start to cramp up! So I must have been doing something….Molly came home for her 22nd birthday last week so we got to spend some time with her..I’ve also started going out in the field for some SX testing with teams that we are sponsoring next season, and that has been alot of fun!.



  1. Time for some suave Lycra shorts!!!

  2. Patrick Flynn Says:

    Driving the new car for two weeks?… I would have expected you to be spinning donuts by now! Don’t hesitate to call if you need a ride somewhere that you don’t feel comfortable driving by yourself to… I executed a perfect high-side on a downhill section at The Ranch on Saturday… hobbling around on a twisted up ankle… see you later, Patrick ‘Flyin’ Flynn

  3. Good deal

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