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This November, I have been driving for several weeks, and I have noticed some new developments in my recovery. First, when I had fallen asleep on my stretching table one afternoon, I noticed more temperature sensitivity on my left hip, further down than ever before! The right hip was ahead of the left one for a long time, but now the left one is starting to catch up! I also noticed some new sensations on my bottom from transferring onto my car seat! I often transfer onto the stretching table or into the van and never felt this new stuff!….


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Hi everyone, Ross here! I’ve been driving for about two weeks now, and haven’t been arrested or caused any pileups on the freeway. Driving with the hand controls is pretty easy, but takes getting used to. I’ve been driving myself to the Goodwill Gym 4 days a week, then to enzo, but I still haven’t tried driving by myself to PROJECT WALK yet because it is such a far drive (and i like to sleep!). A couple of weeks ago, I was on one of the stationary bikes at PROJECT WALK, but it was not an FES type bike where there are electrical muscle stimulating pads to pedal the bike. This one just had a motor in it to turn the pedals more to move your legs than stimulate the muscles to pedal it. One of the salesmen for the bike company came in and was showing me some of it’s features. He showed me a button I could push that would turn off the motor to see how much of the work I could do on my own. I have never been able to do any pedaling on my own, but I tried to turn the motor off anyway to see if anything would happen. To my surprise, I was able to very slowly pedal the bike on my own! Certainly not Tour de France winning pace, but something! I felt like I was doing it all with my hip flexor muscles, but when I tried really hard, I felt my upper leg muscles start to cramp up! So I must have been doing something….Molly came home for her 22nd birthday last week so we got to spend some time with her..I’ve also started going out in the field for some SX testing with teams that we are sponsoring next season, and that has been alot of fun!.

On The Road Again!

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On Monday, November 1, Ross obtained his hand control driving certification after only ONE DAY of training! That night, my family and I delivered his “pimped out” ride to him, and I even got to catch a ride with him to Ebisu for dinner. Ross is pumped to be back on the road, and independent once again.
Big thanks to everyone1

A Giant Step Towards Independence

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Today, Ross got some new wheels! After he declared that he was ready to get back behind the wheel, we began a lengthy search for a vehicle. Ross decided that he didn’t want to have to transfer into a car, then disassemble his wheelchair and pull it over him and into the passenger seat, so that left us with only one option: a vehicle equipped with an automatic ramp. Now, call me too image conscious, but I couldn’t see my big brother driving around in a mini van, so we searched for cooler options. Finally, I came across, which sells modified Honda Elements. The Element has suicide doors that are perfect, as the opening is nice and wide. The entire floor of the car is gutted out, lowered, and flattened out, so a chair may enter and maneuver easily inside. Well, instead of trying to explain in words how it works, check out this video instead! Ross seems really excited to gain some independence back – now he can get to the gym, Project Walk, and enzo racing when he pleases. Thank you to everyone who has helped us, help Ross. Words can’t explain how great I felt watching him check out his new “ride.”

– Donn

Also, a big THANK YOU to Dale at Aero Mobility, who has been a great help and a good friend.

Video: Rossi Ride Day 2010

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Thank you to everyone who attended the Rossi Ride Day last Saturday – the event was a great success! Check out this cool video that Jordan Powell made us…

Here’s another from Stephen Potter from Area 315 Productions!

One Year

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Hi everyone! It’s Ross. Last Saturday the 25th was the one year anniversary since my accident. In a lot of ways it feels like a long time ago, but in others it feels pretty recent. I am doing alot better in terms of getting along on my own, and within the next month or so I will start driving a vehicle with hand controls. In the first few months, I regained alot of feeling and muscle control in my lower abs and hips, but then changes came alot slower. I still notice changes once in a while, so I have started writing things down so that I can remember what I felt like month to month. I’m pretty much in a regular schedule of going to the Goodwill Gym 4 days a week, and to PROJECT WALK once a week. I still go to Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber therapy ocassionally, but I’ve started going into ENZO to work as much as I can. Once I start driving, I will be much less reliant on other people to get me around! I really have to thank all my family and friends that have helped me with this big change in my life! THANK YOU!